Don't lose your pet forever!

Create a profile for your pet with important information and an easy way to contact you and get a pet-tag with profile printed on it!

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Get an amazing pet tag for FREE with every yearly subscription!

When you create a profile for your pet and type unique username, you will get a free pet tag delivered to your address!

You can choose between light and dark pet tag

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Hey, wait! But, my pet is microchipped

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That’s great! Unfortunately, you can’t expect from random walkers to just forget about their life, pick up your pet and take it to the place where they can read it and notify you ☹️

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But when they see Petbook profile on the pet tag, they will be able to contact you in a minute.

Even if they don’t wait for you with your pet, sometimes info about the location can mean everything

Why not just printing contact info?

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Easy Edit

Edit your contact info how many times you want without creating new pet tag

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Additional Info

Add any important info you need. You can point out any allergies, alerts, or anything you want

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In private mode finder will be able to send you a message via Petbook, and we will send you notification on phone or email

Create an account for a pet before it’s missing

Free subscription for pets that needs to be adopted!

If you are running a charity or non-profit organization where you frequently publish pets available for adoption you will be FREE from a subscription for 10 years for each pet and the only thing you need to pay are costs for pet tags!

If you are able to get pet tags for FREE or cheaper somewhere else, or you don’t need them at all, you don’t owe us anything!

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People about Petbook

This is great! Now I feel safe knowing someone will contact me if my babe goes missing!

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Petbook is amazing! I waited for something like this for so long! When I get the next dog the first thing I will do is adding her to Petbook.

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Petbook is the best way for someone to contact you when your pet is lost! No more worrying about pet safety!

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Create an account for a pet before it’s missing